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Personal Brand

A quick tidy up or new LinkedIn profile. Promote yourself and message effectively with intelligence.


CV and Letters

Not one style fits all globally, pointers will be provided to help with use of English and CV styling. 

Technology Aids

Zoom, MS Teams for interview, work to a process and be organised, it is our simple knowledge share.

Search Strategies

Job ads, personal networks and other traditional activities are added to with search tricks and tips.


Important but not just LinkedIn, online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as we share other strategies.

Content Strategy

T-STAR methodology options will help you to get closer to your goal and to reach a successful outcome.

insight shared! 

English Recruiter is a real person with real recruiting experience sharing knowledge.

You have choices, blog posts, short courses or a membership.

Many people want to solve a problem, others want more in-depth support. The good news is the content here is a result of help requests from past candidates and group members or friends of friends.

The T-STAR method is one which has resulted in real job hires and is not rocket science, simply a blend of technology, process and researcher or recruiter experience sprinkled with the herbs of common sense working.  

Please remember the videos and content are subject to change or update on a regular basis. We try our best to keep updated with changes in technology. 


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How to deal with a furlough

How to deal with a furlough

A furlough is an employer-mandated, temporary unpaid or government supported leave from work. During the COVID-19 crisis governments of many countries supported up to 80% of the employee wages. Discretionary amounts such as tips were not included causing stress for those affected.

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